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AlturnaMATS ® Ground Cover Mats provided by BD Supply virtually eliminate damage to lawns and landscaped areas and provide traction for vehicles operating in mud or sand.  These ground cover mats provide protection, traction, and stability. AlturnaMATS have been providing businesses with their proven product for years. AlturnaMAT Ground cover mats
From North America, Asia, Australia, Europe  and even Antarctica, these are the preferred traction mats among professionals across many industries and professions.

AlturnaMATS are easy to use, they lock into place to form a continuous, solid work roadway or platform, and they last for years (unlimited lifetime warranty). Need proof ? Check out this video of these super bd supply alturnamat dealermats in action!
Customer praise for AlturnaMATS ground cover protection mats: "For our Statue of Liberty project we used your ground protection equipment exclusively with more than satisfactory results. We had to transgress brick pavers, manicured lawns and concrete walkways.

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