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  • Peter Kenney, President, New York, NY Trenchless, Inc.
  • liberty.jpg "For our Statue of Liberty project we used your ground protection equipment exclusively with more than satisfactory results. We had to transgress brick pavers, manicured lawns and concrete walkways. In each case, we prevented scarring and disruption ofsurfaces. At one time we usedplywood which was slippery and splintered. Please continue to supply our firm with your excellent product."
  • Lonnie Thompson, Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University
  • tibet.jpg "We used your indestructible mats to support our heavy vehicles during our drilling for samples on the glaciers of the Himalayan Mountains of central Tibet. They worked wonderfully well in all cases. Often there were no roads so the mats enabled our vehicles to move about with little trouble. Thank you for providing your AlturnaMats."
  • David Stull, Golf Course Superintendent, Kahkwa Club, Erie, PA
  • kahkwa.jpg "We used your AlturnaMats during our recent golf course renovation. They saved our fairways and roughs when we reformed our bunkers and tee boxes. We used the 2'x8' mats because they were suited to our equipment. I'd recommend your mats to anyone who has to preserve turf."
  • John Zimmers, Golf Course Superintendent, Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, PA
  • oakmont.jpg "We've got 20, 4' x 8' mats and we use them all over the course... for trenching, bunkers, tees, tree work, anywhere the course can be damaged by our vehicles. Some of our mats are smooth one one side with cleats on the underside for traction so our trenching crews can easily shovel dirt off the smooth surface. The mats are flexible but dont break like plywood - and they don't warp or splinter, plus, we can use them for years. We just hose them down so they're clean for the next day. It's been a good investment for Oakmont."
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