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  • Single Turn-A-Links lock mats end-to-end

  • Double Turn-A-Links lock four (4) mats together

Turn-A-Links (patent pending) create an instant portable roadway or working platform for as long as you need it. Connect easily. Ideal when working in harsh sites or when the job requires several days to complete.

Made of rugged 1/2" round hot roll steel. Also available in flat hot roll steel - 1/4" thick x 3/4" wide.

You can make your own "roadway" using Single Turn-A-Links. Perfect when "walkout" is a problem at work sites
Double Turn-A-Links create one large working platform mounted firmly in place. Eliminates walkouts.

  Approx. Ship.Wt.
  Size Item Number oz. g
Round 1/2" dia. Single RTL-S 8 (227)
Double RTL-D 20 (567)
Flat 1/4" x 3/4" Single FTL-S 8 (227)
Double FTL-D 20 (567)
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